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About Floating Flowers

Welkom! – Bienvenida! – 歡迎! – Welcome! – Velkommen! – Bienvenue! – Selamat datang!  Wilkommen! – Boas-vindas! – Benvinguda!….

People and cultures float. They are constantly changing; dynamic. Like flowers, people mesmerize this world with differences in appearances and above all: in culture.

Floating flowers are carried by water. Sometimes, the water makes them separate. Other times, the water brings the flowers together. But the water always carries them and makes sure they are next to each other, floating.

This is why people and cultures float; like flowers. It is why they belong to the flow and ever-changing dynamics of life!



Thank you for having interest in some of my passions in life: writing and traveling! With Floating Flowers I want to inform, enthuse and inspire people – young and old. The writings are connected to cultural and environmental friendly projects. Floating Flowers approaches people in an unprejudiced and holistic way, looking at their (intercultural) interaction and activities based on cultural, sustainable and spiritual travel. As a Cultural Anthropologist, Writer and Teacher this is the place where I can do what I love: combining these three disciplines.

Enjoy and above all: leave your comments and inform, enthuse and inspire other people. Make ideas and cultures float!




Debbie Vorachen
© 2014 by Debbie Vorachen – Floating Flowers.
All rights reserved.



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