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Mexico vs. The Netherlands

Being in Mexico as a Dutch person will be something very exciting next Sunday. The country of my roots will be playing against my new home country during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Que emocionante! Should I hide or should I shine with pride?

Many people asked me: so… who’s going to be your favorite? Obviously, I will never neglect my roots. On Sunday you’ll find me dressed up in orange! Luckily, I am not the most fanatic soccer fan in the world, which makes it easy for me to cheer – no matter who wins.

Will it be Holanda...

Will it be Holanda…

I know this post might be a little off the hook and not really related to Cultural Tourism. I actually had my doubts whether or not to post it, because the situation in Brazil – considering human rights – is in many ways neglected by the enthusiasm of the soccer fans. I feel very bad about this situation, and actually thought about not following the World Cup. But, I guess something that is being watched by so many people around the world, something that creates so many feelings of belonging and cultural awareness, must have something that is good. Besides, such an event gives valuable insights in a culture and its tourism industry. How does Brazil deal with the numerous people visiting the country during these days? And, in what way(s) will or won’t this benefit local communities? What will be the aftermath of this World Cup for Brazil and its inhabitants, and the tourism industry? Interesting questions and future writing material, especially for a cultural anthropologist. In that sense, it does belong to Floating Flowers.

I’ve always said: Why on earth does 80 percent of the world population enjoy watching people attacking a ball? Well, now I understand. As a child I always felt a little adrenaline rush when people started honking their horns as the Netherlands won a match at the World Cup. Being in Mexico, I completely understand. Here, the feeling of belonging to a nation connected to sports appears to be even stronger than in the Netherlands. When at the cafeteria watching a game, you can feel the energy of the Mexican people. The adrenaline, the feeling of mutual companionship… it’s something really special. Even as an outsider, I feel like an insider watching a game with them, or at least being 50% Mexican.

Or will it be México?

Or will it be México?

But, On Sunday I will definitely feel a 100% Dutch – leaving a space of happiness for the Mexican people, would they win.

At the end, the only thing that matters is:

May the Best Team Win!





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2 comments on “Mexico vs. The Netherlands

  1. Pilar
    June 25, 2014

    Dear Debbie,

    I fully understand how you feel because I feel the same!. I had also said that because of the situation in Brazil,I would not watch the World Cup , but …. it is impossible to hold back and not watch the football games, especially when I only see footballl every four years. I love Holland and consider it my second land because when I was younger (I was 19 when I arrived in Holland), I was fortunate to live in Den Haag and travel around. I can say that the years I lived in Holland,was the best experience of my life, (besides being a mom). People who knows may love for Holland have also asked me who Iwill support and have said that I will cheer for both countries but as a proud Mexican, I’ll be supporting my country , and like you, I think too, Let the best win. Finally I hope that my beautiful country, leaves wonderful memories, as I have of Holland and the beautiful dutch people.


    • floatingflowersmagazine
      June 25, 2014

      Dear Pilar,
      Good to hear! Seems like an incredible story – and don’t worry about it, Mexico is already in my heart, creating wonderful memories! Take care (and enjoy watching the game)


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