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Hello Day!

As a yoga practitioner I know how difficult it is to get up earlier to do your practice. I have searched through books, the Internet, articles, pictures… but non of the exercises could get me out of bed early every day.  Besides, every body is different and my body is just not that into Sun Salutations and heavy bows at early morning times. I needed something that would gently warm up my body and soul for the rest of the day.

That is why I decided to invent my own Morning Practice, which I’ve called ‘Hello Day!’. If you want to start your day in a healthy way and if you want to feel more energetic throughout the day, be with me in the following practice. It only takes 10-15 minutes and you will definitely notice the difference. Make yourself comfortable sitting cross-legged. Here we go!

  • Always start off greeting the Universe and yourself in Namaste.
  • Take three deep, long inhales and exhales – observe your breath.
  • In this sitting position, move your legs and arms into a twist – switch sides.
  • Get onto your hands and knees for the cat pose – be here 7 breathings.
  • Through the cat pose, slide your body into cobra pose – 3 breathings.
  • Flow into downward dog – 3 breathings.
  • Allow your body to rest for a couple of breathings in child pose.
  • Come into squat pose – 7 breathings.
  • Stand straight up – observe the feelings in your body.

    And that's why it's important to start your day with a good yoga practice

    And that’s why it’s important to start your day with a good yoga practice

  • Straighten your body and come into warrior 1 and warrior 2.
  • Slowly come sitting cross-legged again, take three deep, long inhales and exhales.
  • Observe your breath and observe how you feel.
  • End with Namaste.

This would help to have an energetic day where you will feel more powerful and confident. Ready for action!

© 2014 by Debbie Vorachen – Floating Flowers. All rights reserved.


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